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Jun. 8th, 2015

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Yes, Kickstarter for Oeclair is a thing!

So through out the campaigne I will be posting up the comic pages for samples! I have some other activities for you all to participate in so please take a look and spread the word with others!

What is Oeclair?

In trying to save her best friend, Shara is caught in the storm barrier of the outer edge of the open sea and is hurled to the unknown side.

She wakes up in an imperfect world, complete contrast of her warm and peaceful home. A world where health is a luxury and most are just trying to survive the day. She becomes a hunted outcast by the zealous and oppressive ruling order, wanting to take her secret of ‘perfection’.

Oeclair Book Cover by Cetriya Oeclair Flash! by CetriyaOeclair Pg002 by Cetriya

A 60 page 5.5x8.5" perfect bound comic with BW interiors. Including with the comic is sketches and BW illustrations.

Goals included:

  • Printed Clear file

  • Original BW & Color Art

  • Posters & Prints

  • Backer Group sketch (like a class photo)

  • Stretch: Full color book

Nov. 9th, 2012

Leaving, where to find me

No longer posting to this journal. 
check me out on Tumblr , Deviantart, or my Website

Jul. 5th, 2012

21 days till Otakon

Supercon just passed, now Otakon is coming up!

 So gearing up for the con, I've added new Items to the Shop! New coin purses, pencial cases, notebooksand more! I'll be adding totes and cross body bags soon!

 Last I forgot to add to the gallery but she's quickly becoming a popular Illustration! I've updated my deviantart Print Shop for now, though I might be having a print sale when the con season is over.

So expect more posts in the next 21 days I prep up for Otakon. I don't have the best of table spot this year so I need to pump up the excitement and get people to come over!

I'm at table N6:

I"m sharing with my friend Mayshing. I'm mostly far from everyone else but definitly going to make time to walk around the con. The 2nd half of the map can be found here with many DA artist. Curious, does Deviant art sponser's Otakon's AA? so many of us there.

I also read Poorcraft. A lovely book that was funded on Kickstarter and urban frugal living. A good book for those new to living on their own during or after collage. I'll be writing a review soon.

Hope all are having a great summer! just a month left before school and I think I might have found me an apartment!

May. 19th, 2012

Supercon, need hotel space

anyone got some room in their hotel? 

Apr. 4th, 2012

Supercon Miami, share my table?

Going to buy my table this friday but I don't need all that space and would love to split the cost of gas too.
so <i> <b>Any one would like to share my table and possibly car pool?</b></i> 
note me if you'd like, the table comes with 2 badges so I figure. Or if you just want a ride and a ticket, I can do that too.

Mar. 25th, 2012


anyone got a table to share?

Dec. 4th, 2011

New Years is a coming up

I've decided to start this post early in hopes of getting some time to make up anything I've missed.

So lets take a look at last year's list:

  • Sketch a A day

  • More online sales

  • Finish Galactic Divine (20 pages)

  • Work on Oeclair story (roughs)

  • Get more commission work

A few other things to note is that I was supposed to have Oecliar as a webcomic by now. Of course I didn't plan to go to Ringling this year either. Same with the whole con traveling thing too. I wont have much time just to make stuff let alone travel.

The sketch a day part has been replaced by my Illust class weekend sketch assignment. We also have one for the winter break but I don't think we have one for next term. I need to be more orginized about my process though and keep things in one book.

I don't see my online sales getting any better untill I become more known. I'll still up date my store but I'll be focusing on getting my stuff into stores and making more sales at cons.

I haven't finished GD but I do have the layouts down so I just might make this goal for this year. I need to finish this and start on a new project. Seems like people really like Oeclair so I'll be continuing it next.

I have been getting more commissions and I really appreciate them. However, I know that I won't be taking them during school unless its simple one shot things I can get done in one setting. My commissioners of longer projects has been paitient but its really not respectful to them for me to make them wait.

My 2012 Goals:

  • Fill a whole sketch book

  • Finish my AA degree

  • Get a summer internship or take online design class

  • Start on portfolio site

  • Submit to Spectrum

  • Submit to Society of Illustrators

  • Get a full page in Exotique

  • Submit to magazines

  • Create a Zero to illo campaign

  • Decide on my commercial style

  • Submit to Yen+ contest

 Most of my goals overlap each other in that if I complete one, it completes the other. I do have some other types of soft goals that I haven't decided yet and one is weither I should start Oeclair this year and how it will look like. Another one is saving money for school. So there'll a lot of scholorship/contest submitting. I was thinking of going to Illustration master class but that opend up to early and I think I need to work on my figure skills some more.

 I'll also be going to mostly local cons: Olando anime day, Megacon, Khaotickon(maybe), FAE, metrocon, Oasis(maybe), supercon, AF0(paneling only), NYCC, Shadocon, Chibipa (maybe), And maybe Akon if I win the art contest.

After I've taken better control of my money issues, I'd like to venture out to more business orientated cons like Dcon, cartoon animation expo, Illuxcon and some others.

yeah this is a long post =) 

Jun. 8th, 2011

Metrocon Table open

 I can no longer go to the con for the whole weekend, so it would be just a waste. email me if you'd like a full table transfered to you

cetriya @yahoo.com.

if you just want to share a table and not a whole table, thats fine too. 

other wise, pass this info on!

May. 13th, 2011

What to do with this?

I have *a lot* of sketches and it takes a while for me to decide on one. When I finally decided, I take time to think over what the finishing will look like. I tend to over do things and need to learn to take away more (might start learning abstract art).

Let me know what you guys think:

Mar. 29th, 2011

Megacon 2011

This year was pretty good. I like the new layout of the show, plenty of traffic, more artist alley tables and seems like attendance grew. For the past 3 years of attending Megacon, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to attend if this year was bad. but it was really great! and I know that the years to come will be much better!

I got about 3 people asking if I take card, guess its becoming more popular so I know the year after next I’ll have to get a smart phone. I’m offering more expensive items and I think more are buying multiple things from my table that adds up. Hopefully I can start selling my original traditional arts. I’m glad I can do ok with original art, and I think I’ll do better with better layout, signs, more variety and well just getting better at art.

There is something strange about my comics not selling. I sold a few but I honestly think its cause its not a series. I’ve had a few people coming to my table, asking for the next issue and for me to say there is no next issue. I guess this goes against the ‘long trail of true fans’ idea and need to fix that. I do have 2 short stories I’d like to do before I start on a longer story and need to finish Galactic Divine (and didn’t get picked by Yenpress, but mostly my fault so will work on Privilege as the next story).  Definitely doing a sailormoon doujinshi for fun and do the alternative of Songstress.

I shared a table with Ashley Riot and Jamie stayed at my place (in exchange for driving to the con and around town lol). I had more con commissions done but didn’t take photos of all of them.

Hope to get a spot at Otakon, maybe get a ride to Freecon, Pariahcon, Awa-con and maybe Florida Super con. Still thinking if I should do NYCC but all depends on how much work I get done and if I have the monies for it. So please continue to support me and thanks all that stopped by my table!

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